The operaMaya foundation


Located in the Yucatán Peninsula of México, has the mission to create world-renowned artistic expressions that exemplify both the historical and modern Maya Culture.

OperaMaya hosts several events throughout the year including “The OperaMaya International Music Festival”, a cultural exchange of international artists. The festival features guest conductors, a vocal Young Artist Training Program (YAP), Apprentice and Choral Programs, Collaborative Piano Program, Festival Orchestra, Brass, Wind and String Ensembles, along with special guest performances.

OperaMaya also includes “The Young Artist Development and Career Advancement Group” which provides career counseling and workshops for the aspiring musical entrepreneur, focused on professional skill development in the emerging Latin American job sector.

In addition, “The OperaMaya International Composition Competition” for original works in a Mayan language endeavors to broaden international attention to the Maya Culture by developing collaborations abroad. Such as with the Latin American Music Center at the Jacobs School of Music, which annually hosts the American debut of the OperaMaya International Composition Competition winner.

OperaMaya aspires to enrich the local community via free to the public concerts, to produce unique learning opportunities and develop strategies with the Mexican government to promote cultural tourism in the Yucatán Pennisula.